Sunday, 1 November 2015

Visit from doctor and homemade sushi

The doctor came over to visit today..

I made some sushi again. Today with some mayonaese and leek. The rice got a little bit overboiled but it was ok...

It is one of those things that I want to cook and share with someone, my friends maybe. Ih wait no. Hahaha, forget what I said. My father for instance But my father is so... "I want to help",   and I tell him to keep away you're not helping you're in the way. EXCACTLY what my parents always said to me when I was a child and wated to help them.

When my father helps me to cook he takes over and leaves no room. He might say, "do this do that instead it is much better" even though he has never ever done that before and he coments "arent you going to put salt in that" because absolutely evertyrhing needs to be extrasalted, and all of a sudden you're the one standing there watching him make the food for you.

Makes me sad. Very very sad. I am always like that. I have no "power" to take control. If I tell my father "No, I am doing this, keep away", he is going to say "Huh, so I can't even help".. very dissapointed.

People have always told me that I am being too nice. Lately I have been thinkin, I am not going to be "too nice anymore". I am deliberetly going to be mean, because that is what they ask for isn't it. The response have always been negative. So this "you're being too nice" is kind of bullshit talk. Keep being "too nice", they do not want the alternative, they're being stupid if they think so.

I have had problems all day. Pain in my butt. Plopping ear when I eat. Bad eye sight. Bad hearing. Pain in my ass. I feel down.

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