Wednesday, 7 October 2015

*Sigh* you won't believe it. New Neato problems....

Neato can't find the charger... Yes again. On the third one. It might just have been a one time thing, because it kept getting stuck on things.

It does work better than my second one. It works just as good as my first one did in the beginning.

Today it kept getting stuck underneath my tv room table. And then suddenly it couldn't find back to its charger "again". *sigh*

It is one of those things thay ruins my day for me. I need to forget about stupid things like that.

I think it might get confused because it often gets stuck on my doorsteps. All three of them did. And I move them a bit to get them going again, and maybe it's room orientation gets "out of sync" somehow. And when it want's to go back to the charger, the memory of the track back to the charger is all shifted and rotated around. That is my guess. So it might not be a big problem. And it doesn't happen all the time, it happens very rarely.

It got stuck under the bed in the guest room. My mother wanted to get it out of there the most difficult way. By moving the entire bed and... I don't know. I just said stop. I can reach it. And I moved it out of the room and then I pressed resume docking. And how stubborn is the little stupid thing. It wanted to get in there AGAIN under her bed going into the wall until it runs out of power. I have hade three neatos doing exactly this now. And it is ALWAYS under the bed in the guest room.

It is kind of opposite of the direction it should go. So I lifted it up and put it by the charger, or very close to it, like 1,5 meter or so. Then it found the charger and went back to it to charge.

Yesterday it was cleaning sooo good. Only took about two hours to complete the entire apartment. Most efficient cleaning any of my three robots has done so far. My old ones could clean from 7 to 12 till it was done with the apartmment... it just makes me worried now that this one is going to break down also. I just hope it doesn't.

I noticed in the store, that they have removed all the Neato XV Signature Pro, they only have BotVac 85 now. When I get a new one I will buy the BotVac Connected. Seems to be just like the D85, but with an smartphone app for it.

I am afraid that the little bounce it has to make everytime it passes a doorstep is damaging the camera or laser "eye" that scans the room somehow.

And, there were some new things to pick up at the postoffice today, three packages. A new replacement Neato ofcourse that I already talked about. Settlers of Catan that is said to be one of the best trading/strategy games. I have never played it before. A new "New Nintendo 3DS", this time in XL format, and in a limited white Happy Home Designer design. I think it was cute :)

I also got a 32Gb SD Micro for the 3DS. So I won't worry about running out of memory on it. I have not installed that yet, Also some new charger stuff for the 3DS, memory and charger stuff all came in the same package.

I got alot of things in the mail to pick up at the postoffice on the same day.


  1. Ya, these robot vacuum cleaners are somehow not really living up to expectations. And I hear they are quite expensive too in spare parts. Seems like you have tried hard enough with Neato. Keep us posted on the Settlers game. Are you playing this on your PC?

    1. Yeah, they keep failing for me. This is my third one, and it doesn't work either. Keep getting "Vision blocked" error.

      But I have discovered that you can read data from the Lidar unit, the laser thing that spins and measures distance to objects around. I am surprised that the communication interface was so open. It makes it very hackable. That is fun.

      Catan is a boardgame. I don't know if there is a PC game too?