Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wii Fit U

I am really happy with my Wii Fit U. And that it was only 489 SEK. VERY cheap. I was afraid that there might be something wrong with it for that price. Normally it is 990 SEK on most other places.

I tried it yesterday. I have been playing Wii Fit before many times. And I borrowed Wii Fit Plus for a while.

I wanted to show my mother. But someone of us, or both of us was a little bit eager.

The first thing I tried was jogging. And you were supposed to hold the gamepad infront of you to look for friends. That felt completly pointless. And when jogging it didn't seem to register my steps very well.

And things need to be calibrated properly first. And for some reason the calibation went to hell first time so I was just spinning in circles. That I was spinning in circles was something my mother did not even seem to notice at all. She just kept asking why I needed to hold the gamepad all the time. 

*sigh* well there is s reason. And I kept telling her, there is something wrong when I first started it. "You see if I hold it straight I keep spinning around", and she just ignored it completly.

I personally like the "gamey" parts of Wii Fit

So I showed her the Yoga and things like that. She seemed more interested in this. Also happened one time that the balance board got out of calibration. So in one excersice I had to lean a little bit too much to the right to get the center of gravity correct.

My mother kept asking what was wrong with ME, and she stood up and showed me "just do this, it is simple". And I frustratingly tried to explain to her that there was a little red dot on the screen that you are supposed to keep stable inside a yellow area. But when I was standing correctly on the board, the red dot was going to it's maximum in another direction. This means that the program did not register the center properly from the beginning.
But she did just not understand it, or refused to understand it. And trying to calm her down and explain it very slowly. She will just completly ignore it and keep trying to explain to me "look, she is doing this pose in the game, do that"... And I'm like, yes.. but, but, but, but.. gaaah... I understand that already. My mind was too busy thinking about making the game to work properly so that it can register my results properly. While she would ignore that, and just do the excercise.

I hate excercise, the only thing that can make it fun for me are these kinds of things like the Wii Fit, that gives you all these numbers and graphs and stuff. Then it is fun.

So... She kept asking me "Do you often fall to that side, that is not good. Why are you like that?".. this is one of those times I can loose my temper really easily. She is destroying that nice moment I wanted to have with mum, showing her how fun and practical the wii fit is. I just wanted to erase, start over, "can you understand that there has happened something with the machine, it is faulty, it doesn't work properly. We need to start over". At this point she might go haywire and think that I need to give it back to the store or something, and maybe that is why it was so cheap..

My anger and frustration just grows and grows. Take a deep breath and relax. Some people are not technical, they can simply not understand technical things. But they are probably very good at understanding other things very well, that I probably am bad at.

Instead of having some physiotherapist coming over and showing almost exactly the same things the Wii Fit U does.

Ofcourse I can have a physiotherapist anyway, and I can show him/her the Wii  Fit if they dont really now about it already. Their excercises was a little bit different. I do them also sometimes.

But the different is. After 30 min of Wii Fit U, it affected my entire mental state. I felt so much more happy, less tired, more motivated, less easy to get angry. I just felt good. I will try and keep using it 30min per day. And maybe a short walk with the stepcounter. It so much more fun now with the Wii U step counter.

The nurses came to visit. They did not at all understand the point of the Wii Fit. They're so fun (sarcastic). They always want to recommend things like."you should go out more often and do some simple excersises".  Yes, I do that. And I pointed to the balance board. And they didn't get it at all. I said I use this and then I take small walks. I think this Wii Fit makes it a little bit more fun instead of this gray boring 'same thing every day'-routine. It is depressing.

Same thing wih the food. The nurses. And mother also is like.."But if you feel like you need a little food you can always take a little through the feeding tube"... yes practical. But when I don'"t need the feeding tube. How damn boring is it. To just sit there and wait with this thing droppin in. I can play games while I do it. But I would rather eat something and taste it. I know I only have this limited time left to be able to taste anything at all.

And this -> "But you can just take something through the feeding tube" :D, isn't that fun?


Ok whatever. I am howerer very very happy with my Wii Fit U.

Step counter
Simson and balance board

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