Friday, 11 September 2015

Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed

I have not tried Mario Maker today. Maybe I'll play it in the morning. I had some friends over and we played Rocksmith.

And I tried Akiba's Trip. I bought it after all so I have to play it sometime.

The graphics was very simple. But I think it was originally released for PSP or something. So I think you shouldn't expect any super graphics.

Don't know how fun  I think this game is really at this point. I thought it was cool that they made the Akihabara streets. And since I have been there once. I thought it could be fun to see if I recognise the place. And I kind of did. But the resolution on all the textures was so low.

And I have very little patience with games where you talk and talk and talk with characters. Socializing with these digital characters. These games seems to be so popular in Japan. I don't really get it. I want to get into the game, quick and fast, and do some action. No tutorials on how to move around and no socializing with the characters so much. That can happen later in the game if necessary.

Or maybe it was because I had friends here. I didn't want to sit and read and read conversations. I wanted to play. I feel their impatience so I get impatient myself.

I think it had too many loading screens. The ps3 should be able to hold more data in memory than that. Maybe it is a PSP port. That could explain it.

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