Friday, 25 September 2015

Thinking about my game again

I get a this motivation feeling to start doing something. But it dies quickly when I think back at that BASIC parser.

I just have all these voices left in my head from people telling me "Oh, no, not another crappy spacegame". And my motivation is gone in a second. Once there was this complete idiot on IRC, just brutally murdering my motivation to keep programming at all. Saying things like, he felt sorry for my bos hiring someone like me. I just thought the idea of having two different instructions in a CPU do excactly the same thing.

I don't know how to implement the BASIC parser in my game. Like a scripting engine. Or actually do so that it compiles into opcodes and simulate the whole computer. Or.. I don't know.

Maybe I should make a text based game. Like I used to. When I was 12.

Maybe I should use ncurses.

It has to start somewhere. I think I usually start with the most advanced stuff first. Just so that I can have something to show of to people. And that might be my biggest problem.

Even if I do that, I always kept hearing, or getting the response that it looks boring. And then I try to explain. But I cannot do Crysis graphics and sound effects in two months and make it look cool for you... what I have done IS cool, it IS advanced. You just can't see it.

And then they just leave showing their fat asses and talk about something else. Not even caring about what I have done or worked on. Because "We don't understand it", or whatever... While I would like to have some input... What can I do, what features would be cool in this game.. but.. yeah..  *sigh* no... It leaves me with the feeling that it is not worth the effort. I have even heard a friend say that what I do is a waste of time. If I cannot impress with cool graphics FIRST, it is pointless and a waste of time .

But they don't have any understanding in programming. I need to stop listening to them too much to them. 

No.. That is not a picture that has anything to do with the game. But my game idea has something to do with programming. And programming different devices.

Now. I am alone. Father has gone home. I feel free again. It feels great in a way.

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