Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Time flies by and complaining about people

Time just flies by like nothing. It was 13jusy now. Soon it is already 14. That means it is soon 15. And when it is 15. It is starting to get late. *poof* and it is 20. And I wonder what did I do today?

What the hell happened.  What happened to the projects I wanted to work on.

I know I went to sleep very late last night. Not until 5. But I was busy playing guitar. And I needed more time. There is just not enough time on a day.

And I probably slept for a long time today also. Not even if I get up early in the morning I feel that the days are long.

I had a fight with some friends yesterday.
I never have that. I just felt I needed to. I even cried and didn't know what to do. 

They always win the discussion. They are always correct. They never make anything wrong. It is only my attitude that is wrong. Only I can be wrong if I ever do criticize something. Which I very very rarely do. I most of the time, well, 99% of the time need to listen to how they criticize and complain about me or other things. If I do it however, they're always, always, always so much more clever in their responses that you just loose.

There is just these things with them that I cannot handle. The constant whining on how "misarable" everything is. Or that there is no freedom in the group. 

There is one locomotive and the rest is cargo. The cargo cannot say "hey I want to ge see something over here. Want to hang along?" NO NO NO. You can't do that. NOBODY. Wants to hang along with you then. There is one. One single locomotive. And that is it. It follows one track.  And maybe. In some rare occasions you get the locomotive to change direction. And maybe if you're lucky. He might enjoy it.

But most of the time. If there is an idea that I want to try. You will experience hell. Literal hell. Until the alpha male gets it his way. You will have to stand hearing mean comments,  loud laughs about trivial things like for example, these chairs are so fucking uncomfortable in this restaurant this is the last time I eat here, it sucked ass. Hey. I recommended this place because when I ate there the food was fantastic and I didn't mind the chairs. It wasn't something that I thought about. You might hear a, "Yeah the food was OK, just sad about the chairs". When the alpha male however is in charge. Nobody complains, everyone follows like little lemmings and do not complain.
Because that is just how you do. You go to a place and eat and have a good time. You don't sit there with a whiny grin on your face and complain that this or that is not good enough.

There is no wrong in being critical. But there is a thing, where you can enjoy the company and be social and have fun. But they NEED to ruin the entire experience, you just simply can not have fun if there is a nitty picky thing that doesn't work for them.

Let's say I go out with someone else I know, my mother, my father, another friend except them. They won't complain. They'll enjoy the company, eat, and talk. Pay, and walk. And in your memory you'll have that, how nice that was.

I tried getting everyone to eat sushi once.
When they served miso-soup. One person said that it was "sauce".. No no I told him. It is not sauce. It is soup. You see, you get a spoon with ut.
But as usual. Nothing that I say counts. Either they don't hear me. Or they treat me like I do not know anything and I do not know what I am talking about. 

THEY don't know anything or know what they are talking about, that is the fact. So when I say that it is soup. It is Miso-soup. It doesn't matter, because friend A said it first, it is sauce, so friend B heard that first, it is sauce. And then I say again, it is not sauce, it is SOUP, you eat it like this and I show them when I take a spoon of soup. And with disgust they might look at me and say, you don't eat sauce like that! They will correct me and tell me how things are. It is sauce, It is. They will keep saying so until I give them proof or the waiter tells them what it is.. And once they figure out, they have to explain to me "This is not sauce Daniel, it is soup!". Yes, didn't I tell you a 100 times before?

It doesn't matter if I have eaten sushi 100 times before them, they will correct me and tell me how things is done.

And what did they do. 25 year old adults. Sitting there with a grin of disgust on their face. Saying. This is too little food. I need more. Picking away the fish bits, because they might be infected. It is raw fish, you can't eat raw fish, you can get worms. Just eating the rice. Not knowing what ginger is. Dont even try to taste it. "I need real food. I need meat". "I am not full. That sucked"... etc etc.

This, real food == meat. Is something that seems to be common among a certain type of person with lots and lots of co confidence. 99% men. But a very low IQ. I have no statistics on this. Bit from my experience. This is what I have seen.

I think this is something that is unique among my friends. But they refuse to listen to you. They very much like to lecture you and tell you how things work. 

Doesn't matter if I have 10 years of experience. They still know better than you. No exceptions.

I can't get this out of my head.


  1. Tråkigt för dig att behöva bli ovän med dina vänner. Men vad är det för vänner egentligen, om de behandlar dig så. Kanske några du kan klara dig utan. Vänner ställer upp för varann o känner empati när någon drabbas så illa som dig.
    Du behöver inga energitjuvar, utan bara positiv energi. Hoppas du kan få det så mycket det går. Du är en riktig kämpe och helt otroligt stark, finns nog ingen av dina s.k. Vänner som kan förstå vad du har genomlidigt eller vad du får genomlida nu. Var inte ledsen över människor som beter sig illa, det är deras problem.