Friday, 11 September 2015

Soon night time again

The day just flew away so fast. I took a walk to the store today. And I have become really really weak from sitting and lying still these few weeks.

I could hardly get to the store and back. And then walking up the stairs at home. It was difficult just lifting my feet up to the next step. And then getting my shoes off. Omg... I had it worse after treatments. But now I feel more weak. Much much more weak than I ever have been.

Still... night time again. What happened to this day? I don't like night :(

I think I figured out why my voltage detector reacts on the syringe. Its probably just that its plastic builds up a charge when I pull it.

But the cheramic beaker and the water should shield off alot of that charge I thought.

I don't know really. I found another spooky thing it did in the middle of the night. It was pulsating with a slow even pulse. Almost öile breathing. But when I looked directly at it. It stopped. A ghost I thought xD

I don't know. It is a very interesting device.

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