Saturday, 19 September 2015

Another day that just flies by

Time goes so quickly. The days pass like cars on a highway.

And my phone is so irritating, you can't imagine. There is probably some glitch in the charger connection.

So I constantly get this message that pops up. "Connect a charger". And this irritating sound. Just, constantly. Every 10 seconds or so, or just every time the contact glitches just a little bit. And even if I have all the energy saving options available activated. The battery drains faster than it loads. 

Dropbox is the worst. I think I have filled my dropbox 4 times or so in just a few weeks. I need to download everything and put it on my computer. How is it possible that I can take that many photos so that it fills my dropbox in just a week or so. I don't know.

Also for some reason the door to my freezer had been open over the night.

Nothing had melted completly, everything was still frozen, well, half frozen at least. And now when I have closed it and refrozen everything, some of my icecream have become frosty and icy and not so good.

I really don't like that the days pass so fast. It feels like it was just morning, I just had breakfast... what happened?

I did nothing today.

I played a little bit Rocksmith. And I sucked at it today. I actually felt that it was boring.

I played a little bit Mario Maker. I unlocked so that I can go into pipes and stuff. But it is a little boring that I can only upload ten levels. I have done so many levels...

It would be cool if you could make an entire world map. Like mario games have had since SMB3. With all your levels. You would make an entire Mario game :)

I have also tried beating levels in expert mode. Some of them are just unforgivingly hard. I want to beat expert mode at least once.

I pre ordered a New 3DS XL with Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. And  32Gb memory card with that.

I don't really like that you get the game as a digital download. I would rather have the cartridge. It was the same with Mario Land 3D when I bought my 3DS XL. But yeah. Whatever. I don't know if Home Designer is a game for me anyway. I just want the New 3DS XL.

I think I am trying to buy myself happy. It's a little fun to get new stuff. A little  boost of happiness.

I've been thinking about getting the MGS5 Limited Edition PS4 also. But I don't know. There aren't many games for PS4 that I want to play. Two of my friends play it. I have asked if it is worth buying a PS4 for that game. But they cannot give a good answer. Either they just say "Buy it".. or, don't answer at all. I think the most indepth answer I got was "If you liked ground zeroes, you'll like MGS5"... But ground zeroes doesn't look close to MGS5 Phantom Pain at all... Meh, So I don't know...

I liked MGS4, because it had a great story with it. Have they completely ignored to make a story in MGS5? I don't understand. They can not give a good answer, I don't understand why. But that is just how it is.

There are lots of things I would like to have.

One of those Keysight ocsilloscopes with  5GS/sec rate. Maybe 200MHz or something like that. But then I will use all of my saved up money. And I have it difficult to save anything now. I spend all I get every month now. There isn't much left in the end of the month.

I've had problems with my left ear. It keeps getting worse.
The tumour is on the left side of my face, and it has become swollen so that it blocks my ear and affects my hearing. It is very irritating. It pops and makes sounds when I eat for example. And I feel that I need to push and pull with my finger to "open" it, all the time.

The doctor comes here on Monday, and I told the nurse that I want him to take a look in my ear. They can probably not do anything about it ofcourse. I don't know really.

The days are mostly the same every day, maybe that is why it feels like that pass quickly.

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