Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I want to do something

I want to be creative and work on something.

I just feel like eating all the time. And I gain weight. 78kg now.

I want to read my books and do something with my electronics.

I went to a store that has hobby stuff and looking at their brushless dc engines. They told me that buildning my own quad copter was not worth the money, just buy a complete one. And I was like "mmeeeh, no".  That ruins all the fun for me. I don't really want a quad copter, that doesn't  interest me. I want to build a thing that drives 4 motors, senses angle and tilting and rotation etc and adjusting the power to the engines. And see if my program works or not. That is the fun part, just buying a quad copter and use it is not so fun.

I want it to fail. I expect it to fail. That is part of the fun. Figuring out what I did wrong, fix it, hack it, etc etc.

I was thinking about buying some of those RN42 Bluetooth adapters. They were easy to use.

But you need a lot of PWM outputs for brushless dc motors. Didn't expect that. But that can be fixed.

Buut you keeep hearing from friends and dad, and peole in the store laughing at you saying you need special tools. special this and that. knowledgde of that and that, and basically just get laughed in your face.

I really really loved being at OHM2013, If there is a heaven, I wish it is like that. Where were 12 or 13 year olds showing up their quad copter projects. Ofcourse they fail, but that it the point. You fail and then you learn why it fails and then you move forward.

And one day, you are that guy who helps everyone in class with the programming excercises so that they can get their grades... sad world. I hate it.

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