Sunday, 27 September 2015

Thinking about my game

I just started doing something... And I can't even remember correct C++ syntax.

I wrote "namespace std;" and it didn't compile. And I did something else for a few hours. And looked ar my old code. And it is supposed to be "using namespace std;".. Oh. OK :)

Still not sure if I want to use C++ or just standard C. I am not so good at C++. 

But maybe that is good. I need to learn how to use it.

I felt it would be fun to try and make the game without graphics. Because that is how I like working anyway. I want to do the "boring" parts first. Like the BASIC parser and things like that. Back when I was talking on how Notch worked, that he made something playable first. With graphics, something you can run around in. And maybe that would boost the motivation to continue doing something.

But maybe I shouldn't do it like he does it anyway. But do it my way.
I would like to have something playable as well in the beginning. But the problem has been, I don't know what the game is supposed to be. I don't really know what the goal of the game is. I think that has been the problem.

I love thinking back at when my brother made a simple game on Amiga. Where you would have rooms that you could walk around in. But it was only textbased. It was a prompt that said "You're standing in a room with 4 doors, what do you want to do?". And you would write "Go left". And you walked into the door to the left. And if you were unlucky, there would be an enemy in there.

Everything was kind of random I think. So if you killed an enemy it would just be by luck. I don't remember what the goal was or anything. But anyway, we had a lot of fun with that game anyway.

Not that I want to do a game like that. I want to make a game with graphics. But I mean, I can wait with the graphics. And try to do a game without thinking so much about the graphics first, because I am bad at that. But  try to make a playable game, that has a goal and a meaning but without any advanced graphics.

Maybe just ncurses if enough.

I picked up reading the Flex & Bison book from where I left off.

I don't really have that 100% motivation to work on it for a long time without interruption.

I started to get an automake and doxygen enviroment working.. almost. I've done it with C before. Now it is going to be 100% C++

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