Sunday, 13 September 2015

New morning and new ideas

I went up a litttle bit earlier today. Not as tired as I used to be. Maybe it is because my father or Mother is here. I feel less freedom.

No I have not forgotten to eat my breakfast or medecine. That always worries my mother. But I feel better now. I sm s little bit more alert I think.

But that motivation to kick start some electronics project is just gonski. Like a swarm of small fish. Make a sudden move and they just vanish like the speed of light.

Oh. I don't know what to do. I have got gamed to play. Electronics to do. I almost feel like crying over how un-enthusiastic i feel.

I also have pain in my legs for walking to the store. It is just a 5 min walk. It is amazing how fast  muscles gets weak.

It's like wirh boiling water. It is easy to get it hot. But really difficult to cool it down.

Sometimed I am afriad that it is all my nedecine that kills my enrhusiasm and interests in electronics and hacking and programming.

Maybe I'll write another blogpost on the projects I have in my head

But it is dangerous. Think if EA or someone just comes along and says "please, ciese and desist". We already have thia idea but we are never going to makw the game. We are just holding this intellectual property so that nobody else can make the game .

I got an idea yesterday. Which already peobably exists. But it should be a small devicw that is under your skin. Not anymore complicated that the port a cath I alreadey have.

But it could constantly measure body temperature, oxygen level in blood. And maybe even bloodpressire if that is possible. Those are the standard tests that doctors always need to know. Then logged data can be downloaded using some sort of wireless communication. It could probably measure more things. Alcohole level in your blood. So that when you sit in your car it wont start. Boohoo on you.

The battery needs to be loaded via induction ofcourse. It needs to be easily replaced when it gets older. And no open ports under your skin. It must be completly sealed under the skin. Otherwise it can easily  get infected. I know this from my stupid PEG (feeding tube in my stomach)

But then there is also the negative side of this thing. The government sees the opportunity to add all sorts of data in this device. Resulting in making it more hackable also. More innocent hackers goes to jail just for showing the people how the government misuses this twchnology. That is most often how it ends up. Government wants to use it for identidicarion and have built in gps etc etc.

I wanted it to be a practical tool for people that needs it for medical reasons. What if ir could be of good help for people with diabetes. Or Low/high bloodpressure. In my case, sometimes lack of blood since I bleed from my mouth a little and need an extra refill.

What if it could send dats via wifi directly to the hospital. So rhey could monitor my body tempersture and other blood status values that is easy to measure without using some advanced equipment. For instance oxygen level in the blood jusr uses a little light diode that looks at the color of the blood vessels. The device that measures sugar values for diabetes patients also looks simple. But I am not sure of that. Blood pressure must use some baloon type thing and theb they count. That seems like a feature that would be difficult to implement in smsll electronic device.
Measuring pulse should not not be too hard .

Data should be sent using pgp.

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