Sunday, 20 September 2015

Simson found a mouse

First I just want to say that I have not played any more Fantasy Life today. I didn't feel like it. But maybe tomorrow.

I did not feel very good at all before, mentally I mean. Depressed and down, and I almost fell asleep when I was laying in the couch. Just this boring extreme tiredness where I could write or read something on the phone, but I have it so difficult to keep my eyes open. Just like this morning when I was playing Fantasy Life. I want to wake up but my brain wants to shut down. I can lie down and read, and suddenly without noticing I just drop my phone in the face. Or suddenly without noticing I fall asleep but for some reason I keep writing, for example here in the blog, and I wake up and shake my head and I have only written random letters. I don't like that kind of tiredness.

So I just decided to force myself to go out on a small walk. And that did alot. Actually, ALOT to my mental health and my tiredness. I guess it is called fatigue. 

I feel so much better now. I have decided that I will keep taking walks every day. Absolutely. And I need it also.
Just sitting here collecting water in my feet and trying to make myself happy with medicine won't work. I did not know that just a small walk could do that much to lift me up. Maybe it works in the morning as well. Maybe I should try talking a small walk outside when I wake up tomorrow before breakfast.

I used to take walks every day when I went to school. 60 minutes every day. It took almost exactly 30minutes to go to school from my apartment. And then 30minutes back home, and that was slightly upwards the entire way home. I was in good condition back then. I have lost all of that now.

I must have been in an extremely low state mentally, if just a 10minute walk could do that much difference.

Now I feel I got some more motivation!

But it is motivation to write in my blog at the moment :) I don't know if I will do any programming. We'll see. The thought on programming anything just now destroys it. Now I am waiting for my pizza too cool down so that I can eat it.

By the way. Did I mention that my cat Simson found a mouse inside the house. In the middle of the night, or early in the morning maybe. I had to take it from him and throw it out. I did not want him to eat it. He only gets worms and he always throws it up anyway.

Simson makes certain meowing sounds for different things. For example if he feels ill and is about to throw up he sound "Meoooooo", where the "ooo" sound is very deep and loud. And when I hear that know what is going on, so that I can get to him quickly off the carpet. Because he ofcourse always needs to throw up on the carpet, for some reason.

He also makes a certain meow when he has found some prey, and he wants to come to me and show it. So when I heard him, I just knew what it was. And I went up from bed and looked at him, and of course it was a mouse.

But I don't know why cats do that. I mean, I know it is normal that they hunt for food, rats, and mice and snakes and flies. But when he finds something larger, like a mouse, he must come to me and show it. Then play with it a little, and then kill it and maybe eat it. He doesn't always eat the entire mouse.

I don't really like that he eats them, because they put out poison here for rats and mice. And I don't really want him to get rat poison in him. I don't think that is good at all.

He has found mice inside the house before. Sometimes he just kills it and leaves it outside the door to my bedroom.

But, the first thing thought that went through my mind was... Where did he find a mouse inside the house, he did not come from outside. It is an old house ofcourse. And now it is getting colder outside and maybe the mice is getting closer to the warm houses. They have the ability to squish themselves through very narrow places also.

Good thing Simson found it so that I could get rid of it. :)

Update 22:40

And after the pizza, I'm tired again. Don't want to sleep yet.
That feeling is back again, the days pass so quickly. It feels like it is yesterdays night. What happened to this day? I don't know. What did I do? I don't remember.

I feel like eating and eating and eating. Candy, chips, icecream and chocolate and everything I have. I want to see a movie.  But I have no good movies. Netflix doesn't have much of interest. I got lots of Anime.. But I am not in an anime mode now, not when I feel this fatigue again. I won't be able to concentrate on an anime. If I am going to go to sleep, it needs to be fast. I need to eat my pills and go to sleep as fast as possible.

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