Tuesday, 15 September 2015

At the pharmacy

Picking up more oxynom painkillers.

I took alot of oxascand this morning. Maybe driving was not the best idea to do now. But it is not illegal for me to drive. I just feel whimsy.

But I need my OxyNorm for the pain.

Notice that the tumour is growing close to my ear. Blocking my hearing a little. That worries me.

I am going to try another sushi place today. And also buy some more tiramisu icecream. I fell asleep yesterday and spilled icecream on my pants. Whatever.

I was supposed to turn my vacuum cleaner on before I left home. But I forgot. Damn it..

I would like to have one of those new ones that can be turned on with my cellphone when I am not at home. I think the new Neato Botvac supported that.

I am so tired. Maybe it is all the oxascand I too

k. I just feel I need something. Some pill to get me happy and motivate me. It just doesn't exist.

Maybe taking a cup of coffee here and some thing sweet with that will boost me a little.

Oh. I missed my number. I had 86. Now it is 87.

Doesn't matter.

I was up late last night. Playing choords 102 lesson on Ricksmith. I must have repeated it 100 times before I beat it. The last exversice was almost impossible.

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