Monday, 21 September 2015

This day passed so quickly

Not until now 16:50 I drink the last little drops of my morning coffee.

I made coffee this morning, while playing fantasy life and writing an real-time review on it here. Since I am so tired it it almost impossible to write anything with my micro-sleeps that I get.

Sometimes I just nod with my head, and I am sleeping, but I still think that I am writing. So when I wake up I've been holding down a key or something. Or I drop the phone... yeah the usual, I have said it before. I keep saying it until I find the best way to express it : P

I was stopped in the middle of playing Fantasy Life because I got visit from the nurses and the doctor from the palliative care team that I have. Don't know how long they stayed. They arrived here at 13:30. 

Anyway, I ate my last sandwich before they came in. But I had my risifrutti and coffee to drink. Set the game on pause.

Now when they have left I can eat the last of my breakfast. Only writing this blogpost is stopping me.

I think writing in the blog has stolen most of the hours. Anyway. Now I feel that I am done with writing for now. I will eat this. Take a walk to the store. 

Make and eat some proper food when I come home. And then keep playing or writing about my own game that I started writing about yesterday.

Wow. This day was fast.

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