Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bought Sushi today and rembering my Japan trip

Ordered sushi today from a new place I never been at before. Seems to be too few sushi places in Jönköping.

Hmm :/ A little tight on ginger I think. Not too happy because of that. Want more ginger with my sushi. Otherwise. Looks good. Have not eaten sushi for a long time. :þ

So sad to hear about all the bad things happening in Japan recently, the recent flood and the nuclear plant accident. I really like Japan. Hope everything will be OK for them.

I was in Japan last year. Wish I had eaten sushi more often. I love it. But Tempura is probably my favorite. I read that tempura is originally from Portugal? I think I read that somewhere.

I ate at Premium Sushi in Diver City in Tokyo.

This is where I ate. (Not my photo, hope I can borrow it :))

That was really cool! We sat in a stall, very private and comfortable. With an iPad (Don't remember if it was an apple or other brand) where we choose what to order. So we started with two beers. And we got two pink plates for the beers. First we didn't understand what they were for. But we found out later.

Four pink plates for two large beers

And i ordered this tempura(?) sushi, It was delicious :D
We were there quite early so they hadn't opened yet, we were the first to come in. We had our beers ofcourse. and we waited for a short while til food started to come on the conveyor belt, you just picked the ones you wanted. That is a quite common way to eat sushi, I think most people are aware of that by now. We even have places like that in Sweden.
But the special thing was the iPad where you could make custom orders, and then above the conveyor belt was another track where a mini Shinkansen came to deliver your special order. And then you pushed a button to send it back to the kitchen. Very fun place to eat at :)

Mini Shinkansen special order (Not my photo)

In the end they had a scanner which they used to scan the pile of plates. Every plate had a different colour, each colour meaning a certain price.

Some of the best food I ate in Japan was probably that large sweet fried tempura shrimp I bought in Kyoto, it was fantastic. I got a nosebleed. I am not used to sitting down at the floor eating.

But it would be cool to have a Japanese style house. I always thought they looked so cosy. And everything is small and practical. And those rice mats, I think they're called tatami is very very soft to walk and sit on. I would like to have that too. Seems to be very expensive though.

I've heard sometime that it is good for you to sit on the floor. Because it is a little bit more heavy when you want to stand up and go away. With the health I am at the moment, I can hardly get up from a normal height couch. It would be good to sit on the floor and get up. You get more training that way :)

However, a little bit confusing with the doors I remember. At the hostel I stayed at in Kyoto. I went down to get the WiFi code. And when I was going back to my room, but I forget where the door upstairs was. I was confused. Everything looked like a door or a wall. I went the wrong way, and into the private place where the counter is. And then I went back out, someone was looking at me probably wondering what I was doing because I was going round and round looking really confused. Everything looked like walls, where were the doors I thought. Then I tried another door, and someone shouted "No! that’s the girls room!". But where the heck did I come from? It was the hidden door just next to it :)

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