Sunday, 13 September 2015

Congratulations Mario on your 30th Birthday

I usually dont like games where you create game worlds. They always seems so fun in my mind. But once you start playing them. You have no clue what todo.

When compared to level creation in Little Big Planet, it was fun in a way because you could do so much stuff with it. But my imagination is limited. And it almost gets too complicated for a normal person like me with very limited imagination. The larger the levels became, the more difficult they become to update and handle and fix mistakes. The controls became unbearable to handle after a while when you wanted to make more advanced levels. There was just a mess of wires and buttons and crap everywhere. And once you worked on something you really liked, your friends and the community would just destroy the fun for you with bad ratings and depressing comments. "This sucks really hard". Yeah. Thanks. I worked hours on that.

But the few minutes I have played Mario Maker now. It is more simple. And I really think that this is a game I can have lots of fun with!
I tried my little Woolly Yoshi amibo. And you could play as yoshi. Fun little gem.

Nintendo always succeeds in making games a little bit more fun than others. I think they managed to do so this time too.

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