Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dad is visiting me

Sure it is fun with some company. And the evening times might not feel that ultra depressing. Well. He wants to watch TV alot,  ALOT. And TV usually bores me ALOT.

And I want to play my games. Lucky that you can do both with the Wii U. 

But he is not uplifting to have around. I show him things that I have done. I asked if he saw my sushi that I was proud of, I posted it here and on facebook. 
And he said "No".. So I showed him the tools, the bamboo mat. While he is not showing any interest at all. He just wanted to walk away and I had to shout after him "And these are the miso-soup mix".. "OK". He said without any interest at all.

And then I said you need this oil or vinager for the rice "Oh, is it to add salt so that it tastes anything?". And I *scoffed*.. it is always like that with him. 

Everything, absolutely everything needs salt to taste ANYTHING. It is like it is binary, no salt == no taste, extra salted == taste. I tried explaining.
Yes it does add a little bit to the flavour if you add a little bit of salt, it tastes what it is supposed to taste. If you add too much salt it just tastes salt. He always buys butter "extra salted" while I always buy butter organic "Krav" which is normally salted. And my father asks "Why do you always buy Krav/organic, it doesn't taste any different"... AHA, busted!  So you admit extra salted butter doesn't taste better than normally salted butter.

And you see, WHY in the WORLD would I buy organic food for the taste. If I buy organic I expect it to taste exactly the same as non organic. If it actually does taste better. That is a huge plus.

"But why buy more expensive food if it doesn't taste better"

I could ask,  him "Why buy extra salted butter if it doesn't taste better plus gives you higher risk of heart diseses"... 

Of course, I got cancer now so the best thing in my case would be to shut up.

People in general are very fast pulling out that simple card "but, lol, you've got cancer so all your burden in buying organic etc etc is quite useless isn't it".

Pick a small group like my friendship group. They could say "We eat McDonalds. Kebab, chips a and coca cola probably everyday". Did I talk about my friend who still had the fabrication plastic stuff left in his oven a year after it was installed. He never used it. I bet he never used his plates for anything more advanced than boil water maybe.

But he eats McDonalds, pizza, Burger King, Max.... or frozen microwave meals.

I am the guy who likes to make my own food, I always buy the organic option of a product. I would do anything to eat, anything that would pop into my mind that sounds good, googling and following a recipe and not be afraid of failing. Because I've failed a "couple" of times. Because sometimes you have to fail first, before you can redo and make it better. I've done things I have been very pleased with. Made my own bread, smörgåsgårta, vegetarian lasagne, "plommon-späckad skinkstek" my favorite, also known as "söndagsstek" or something like that. I don't really follow a recipe when doing that. I just make things up as I go. My friend is the guy who thinks making tacos is the most advanced kind of food you can make yourself.

I read one online from a person who wrote "don't give any money to those cancer organisations. If people stopped putting all that crap in their bodies they would not have cancer. Chips and dip ans cola and McDonalds, you name it".

Meaning, it is your own fault you have cancer. And these organisations is taking advantage of you, just taking your money and drive around in nice cars.

I felt hurt hearing this. "It is your own fault that you have cancer".

I know a lot of people who eat fast food and crap food very often. And when I say that I know that they do this. I really do know they do.

Cancer can be the cause of so many things. In my case in 2010, I got NPC cancer. When googling around on that you can find that people sensitive to a virus called EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) can develop this form of cancer. So what did that have anything to do with eating... Whatever diet you wish you use, pick anyone, LCHF, or whatever.

When it comes to the diet, eating too much salty fish and meat helps the virus to develop cancercells... well that is a very very short explanation of an hypotesis. But I don't eat alot of meat, not alot of salt either. But I do love fish. So everyone that likes to eat fish now, beware.

When it comes to the cancer I got now. They are pretty certain that it was caused by the radiation therapy that they gave me in 2010..

There isn't really any rights and wrongs with food.... of course a healtyh diet is ALWAYS good. But this cancer crazyness, well it is just crazyness. These people I know. They will keep eating their cola and chips and fast food and never learn to cook anything themselves. They'll live a cancer free life anyway.

While I will continue to cook my own food, as long as I can, eat lots of vegetarian food, etc etc because I love it. Not because I force myself to eat something I don't like to get a better health. But because I like that food. And I don't think cancer has anything to do with anything else than just really bad luck.

I was going to write this blog post on how much my father bores me. Him and his mid day naps. I can hear him snoring now, after eating he always takes a nap.. And he always needs to say it in such a boring way. I feel tired too sometimes. But there is nothing more depressing I think, than sleeping away a few hours in the middle of the day. Unless I am really really sick or something.

But if I am tired in the middle of the day. I'd rather take a cup of coffee and sugar to kick-start the brain again and keep going, that feels the best.

This mid day nap is like depression fuel for me. And just hearing my father snoring in there is depression fuel. And he soon wakes up and want to watch the news. *sigh* same news he watched just before.

My coffee is ready. And this blog post has actually taken all day to write. And now I feel like sitting here complaining and whining instead of doing something else is making me depressed.

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