Monday, 21 September 2015

David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock

Eating my food and listening to the new David Gilmour album.

A CD is not enough for me. I needed the blu-ray and vinyl as well :)

I get Dire Straits feelings from this...Well, that is my first few minutes of impression. It might not mean anything at all later. I need to stretch my ear constantly to hear all the sounds. But it sounds great. Now I will try and relax and hear this piece of art music.


Well, yes it was good of course it was! You need to be some kind of expert critic to say anything else about this. And I am no expert critic. This is David Gilmour we are talking about. And since I love both his own solo work and Pink Floyd and music like this in general (if that even exists, Gilmours music is unique). I don't really feel like I want to be critical at all.

I just want to sit down and relax and enjoy this beautiful piece of music.
It was a short album, just like Pink Floyd's latest album was. I would have loved to hear twice as much of it. But I am still grateful for this little piece, that it exists.

When I first started to listen to Pink Floyd when I was 16 or 17 or something like that. I always wondered what their music and lyrics was about. I was always a kid with too much imagination, they said I was a daydreamer. I had all sorts of ideas what their albums was about, and every time I listened to it, it meant something new. I also had that experience with David Lynch's movies.

Every time I would see Eraserhead it had a different meaning to me. Or Lost Highway, or Mullholland Drive, etc...

When listening to Dark Side of the Moon it could have a different meaning  each time. Same thing with every PF album. And I loved it when it was like that!

As I said, I am no expert critic. And this is David Gilmour, his music stands steady like a copper statue in the middle of a beautiful garden. You can't really go there and paint ugly little tags like little skater kids. You'll get arrested. Your parents would ask you if you are going insane?

I have got problems with my ears. Both of them now. After chemotherapy I got severe tinnitus. Now a tumour on my left side. And for the last few days it has swollen so that it blocks my ear a  little bit. I can use my finger to pull on my ear and it would open. So I had to do that while listening to this album.

But I still enjoyed it. And even though it was short. I would go back to this garden I talked about above, many many times. And maybe take a trip over to the Endless River a few times also :) And there will be no ugly grafitti allowed in my garden.

Because it is only in my mind. Nobody else is there. And they are both very good albums indeed even if I still don't know what Rattle That Lock is about. It doesn't matter, as I've tried to explain before. It doesn't ruin the experience with this kind of music.

Then you can read into the lyrics and listen to what the artists have to say about the meaning of everything and what the story is. And that is another experience. 
But that usually comes later for me. Anyway, great album!

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