Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Shopping round, TP cables, icecream Sushi Etc.

So  I went on a shopping round. No matter how tired I was. I needed an extensioncoord for my headphones. They are way too short. And always pop out when I move a little. Irritating.

Also bought 40meter of TP cable to see if any of the other phone jacks works better with my ADSL. 0.5mbit upload is unbearable. ADSL modem is supposed to be in the first teleplug. And I rhink it is according to how it looks wired on the inside. But there is a mess of wires. Sp I am not completly sure. I do remember tjat it didn't matter which plug you used as long as therr were no other phones attached. And I have no other phones. The phone I have is connected to the ADSL modem (IP-telephone I assume). But there has to be something wrong. I have never had 0.5mbit upload speed. And when I am uploading it strangles the entire line (no duplex?). I hate having cables all across my apartment. But if it works well. I Hope I can attach it to the wall corners and that 40meters is enough.

Also bought sushi from another place this time. I liked this place much better. More ginger. They also has nice shopsticks that I bought.

Bought more tiramisu icecream. And some other stuff.

I was looking at the Lego Mindstorms set. It looks like fun. But I think it is a little bit too expensive. And for some reason it seems more difficult to get extra parts now than when it was new. Motors and sensors and things like that.
Anyway. Can't decide if I want that or a PS4 mgs5 special edition. Or a new fancy more expensive oscilloscope. I just know. I never going to spend much time with it.

And I need weeks or months on things like that. And I often worry that I dont have months to stay this healthy. I worry alot. And it sometimes brings me to tears. That there is all these stuff that I want to do. But I don't know when my life is going to be taken away from me.

The more I think about that game I want to make. The more imposssible it seems to be realised. Same thing with my electronics projects. Maybe I am stupid and expecting things to just work for me without any struggle or problems arriving along the way. Maybe I just want things to run smoothly for me.

Like with my objparser program. I got it to a state where it can read data and render it. And it works fine. But then I look at the specs on the OBJ format. And there are soo many things that it can hold. And I wish I could make it so that it can handle everyrhing

And then I dont know how to make things animate in 3d games. Do they really program the skeleton stuff and everyhing. Using 100's of models to animate like you would do if it was in 2d seems "wrong" when working with 3d.. how can I possibly write a program for movement. It has to be really simple... and I never got a good grip on collition detection. Not even in 2d games.... oh so much work.

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