Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Did I go to to bed t @ 22? But I still woke up.

I don't remember. But it feels like I have been sleeping an entire night. But it is only 01:12 now. I've only slept a couple of hours.

Maybe I should take my temperature. Just to see everything is OK.

Simson wanted to go in. Maybe not for long.

Notice that I am completly out of oxascand as well. Hmm.

It feels. Like I get worried alot. I cleaned in my mouth a little. Mostly getting out blood from that little hole. The tumour is growing around and containing my teeth on the left side. They gave me this Prontoral to squirt between the tumour and the teeth. It seems to work great! I don't feel any special pain anyway.

37.7 degrees. think you should add 0.2. So it was 37.9. And I measured again and it was 36..7, or 36.9.

I noticed that there was a battery warning on the temperature meter. Needs new batteries.

So I need to buy one of those flat ones again. I thought I had some at home. But I could not find them.

I try to think about that game. That is fun sometimes.

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