Friday, 18 September 2015

Mario Maker and Splatoon

I tested Splatoon. And my experience so far is sadly negative. It is like I expected. I generally suck at the "deahmatch" type of games. Other people are always better, and I lose.

What I hated mostly about the game, and this is the first impression. Is the way you target by pointing the using the gamepad.

This, might be one of the worst ideas that has ever been implemented in a game according to me. So lets say you want to be fast and aim at someone. So I am supposed to wave around my gamepad quickly risking maybe hitting the guy sitting next to me in the head.

Also you often get it to aim down too much all the time, since you hold the controller down in that way, so you're running around looking down too much, struggling to keep looking up and hold up your gamepad in front of you.

Sometimes it feels like it also gets out of sync so you need to move the gamepad more to aim in a certain direction than you did before. It is just horrible.

I have not checked yet, but I assume it is something that can be changed in the settings. And that you don't have to play with the gamepad. I'd rather play with a pro controller.

When it comes to Mario Maker however. I like it more and more for every day. I have been playing lots of levels. And I have probably made 15 levels or so myself. Uploading ten of them. 

Here are the codes to my levels











One thing about Mario Maker that is a little tedious is that you have to unlock stuff that you build levels with. One thing about that, that might be positive is that it kind of forces you to play the game more. Otherwise I had been stuck at trying to create levels with all those options that you kind of have no understanding how to use and what to do with it.

So having just a few things to start with might make it easier for you to understand how to build levels. Only having a few things from start, makes it less confusing. There are probably many things about that system that is very positive. And Nintendo might have thought about this and made it like it is for a good reason.
But for example, I would like to have the option to enter pipes much earlier. I still have not unlocked that functionality yet.
Also, the system overall is very confusing sometimes. Where do I enter codes for levels? I had too look for it for some time until I found it.
And the lack of a functionality to find your friends really sucks. I want to be able to find my friends levels much easier. The friends that I have in my friend-list I mean.
I don't understand at all why that is not a function in the game.
Actually the Wii U uses the friend-list very little. It is almost quite useless.
It was a little bit fun, for example on the ps3 where you could send a message and it would pop up in the top right corner. No matter if you were in a game or watching a movie or whatever. You could of course turn that option off if you thought it was irritating. I never thought it was irritating. Because we sent messages so very rarely.
Anyway. I give Mario Maker an 8/10. A strong 8. It is almost pushing up to be a 9. But... for the lack of finding friends so difficult. It is not quite worth a 9.
Splatoon... I don't really know. I kind of regret buying it and all those Amiibos. I need to play it more to give an honest rating. But at the moment I feel it's not more than 4/10.

Aiming with the gamepad is the worst. I'll try playing it again and reconfiguring my controls to see if I like it more.

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