Thursday, 20 August 2015

A trip to the store

There is a small store very close to where I live, walking distance. I was hoping that a small walk would help get rid of some of that fatigue and tiredness that I have.

I think it has helped a little. But I don't feel like watching that movie anymore now. But maybe a small fika, some coffee and sweets.

My cat Simson always wants to come in with me when I come home. But he only wants to stay inside for like 2 minutes. Then he is mewing constantly, without interruption. Also really loudly sometimes. Because he wants to go out again. But I don' t understand why he wants to follow me inside then *sigh*
He's waiting outside the door to come in, and when he is finally inside he wants immediately go out.

Makes me a little bit tired of him when he is like this. He needs 100% attention. I also think he wants me to follow him outside and be with him. When he is with my father he always stays close by, and like to follow him to the mailbox and things like that. He is so social.

Simson stops mewing when I film him... :)

He knows he is going to end up on Youtube.
I had to follow him to the bowl of cat food, and after that let him out. I filmed him, but it will take a while to upload on Youtube. Because Telia has limited ADSL upload speed to 0.5Mbit... Feels like you have 56k modem again. I am supposed to have VDSL2 or something like that, 30mbit download speed. But the upload is limited to 0.5mbit. I don't understand why. I don't remember it was always like that either. Now I can't do much really. I can't play games with friends online, and I cannot stream to Twitch anymore.

Telia will probably claim that 0.5mbit is enough for playing online. But noooo. I promise, it is not.
I played Dying Light with some friends, and it was almost impossible. I was with the group killing zombies for like several minutes, than all of a sudden everyone dissaread. They had moved to the other side of the map almost. It was crazy, it is totally unplayable online with a Telia ADSL connection.

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