Friday, 21 August 2015

Cancer cures and testing american food

So currently, these are the three things I eat daily to cure my cancer.
Apricot seeds, bicarbonate and ascorbit acid.

I wonder if part of the cure is that you have to believe in it 100% also. I don't know. I am sceptical, but I have nothing else. And I don't think it will kill me eating this everyday.

If I should  really do this, I probably should stop eating so much candy and sugar....

I opened that bag of ascorbit acid also. It had a sting in my nose :)
Talking about food....

I've seen in american movies that they eat peanutbutter and jam. I've seen it in s movie once when the mother prepares the lunchbox with a sandwich with peanutbutter and jam.

And I have always wanted to try that.
Maybe I dont have the right bread. But yeah.
Peanut butter is not that bad. But it is so dry. I need something to drink with it.
But with jam also, I dont know :/

It is too sweet.

In Sweden where I grew up nobody I knew had lunchbox with them to school,  we just ate the lunch we got from school.

Except in (what I think would be called) pre-school. That is when you are 5-6 years old. The year before real school starts.

Then we had a lunchbox with us to school, and not the metal kind that Marilyn Manson sings about. I don't think we had lunchboxes specially designed to be lunchboxes. But for me it was a used and cleaned old plastic box for icecream.
It would usually be, tunnbröd, a rolled thin bread with messmör. I loved that. Maybe a banana or apple or other kind of fruit, maybe kiwi sometimes. Or other kind of bread with cheese. That is what I can remember I got in my lunchbox back then.

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