Monday, 17 August 2015

Playing TIS-100

This was really a game for me :)

TIS-100, I can sit with this for hours.

It is a game from the creators of SpaceChem.

You program a simple assembler language to solve problems, in what seems to be some kind of broken system. Some squares are red, they are broken. In the other squares you can execute assembler opcodes and move data up, down, left, right. And do various operations on the numbers, adding, subtracting, moving to the ACC or BAK registers.

It is quite limited what you can do. There is no MUL operation. There are some various jumping operations.

I suppose the game gets more complicated later.

Here is a screenshot of my program in the middle of a run.

There is a task description in the upper left corner.

Task description visible in the upper left corner
It says that this program is supposed to read a value from IN.A, then double that value, and output it to OUT.A.

I only played the first two levels. I didn't really feel like playing anymore today. I need to eat something soon and take a break from the computer and everything.

Maybe I'll play this more later, or I'll practise some more on Rocksmith.

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