Monday, 17 August 2015

Goodmorning everyone, Neato is paused.

Neato got stuck once With the message "Clear my path". Instead of pushing the button. I just pushed it a little bit forward. Just a millimeter, didn't need much. Worked fine.

Now it is standing here decided to take a break. "House cleaning - paused". So lets see if it is an endless break from work or not.

It should say "Neato - Siesta". I know it is 2arm.

Atleast it ran fine for 47 mimutes before stopping. That is good information. Lets see if is always ~47minutes.

But now about me: I keep having microsleeps. I suppoe it must be some medication. I go into a quicksleep, amd then my body twitches.

Anyway, if I could just figure out what is  wrong with it. Maybe I can do so. Has it had siesta now for an hour *sigh*.

The little robot destroys life for me.

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