Monday, 24 August 2015

Neato stopped again

So, somtimes it cleans the house without any stops. And sometimes it just stops for no apperent reason. This time there was no message at all, it didn't say "Paused" on the screen. It looked like it had just had canceled cleaning.

But when I pushed the button I was able to choose "Resume cleaning", so that worked.

By the way, it did say "Please empty my dirt bin" but it wasn't even full when I looked. Could that be the reason it stopped maybe. My old one often had this message, but it didn'r stop cleaning because of it.

I disabled dirt bin warning, so lets see how that works then next time.

I think it has some software bugs that needs to be fixed. But Neato Robotics seems to be very very slow with software updates.

I run it again today, and it keeps stopping for no reason.

I notice that the battery is quite low. But it doesn't warn about low battery, the leds are still green. And I can still press resume cleaning.

Maybe I should try the battery calibration thing on this one too.

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