Monday, 10 August 2015

Short visit at my job and bought some new power strips

I went to work today. They were happy to see me :) I have not seen them for a year. They've hired a new guy to replace me and also another employee has that has quit now. So yet another new employee.

They've actually managed to finish and get some stuff into use since I worked. When I was there I felt like some things was impossible to get done. It made me happy to hear that some of my work surrounding a digital temperature and humidity sensor is now in use :)

I wrote some code to for a cyclic redundancy check in assembler. It's something special about having your program running on machines out there :D

Even if it just a small thing

They do for some reason take for granted that I will come back to work. I don't think so. Mentally I would not be able to handla it I think. I live in a quite dangerous situation from what I belive from the doctors. Anything can happen, now or tomorrow or next week... I don't know anything really.

I also bought some new power strips for my computer and equipment with surhe protection. I am usually very strict about having good quality stuff. I would rather pay more to get a power strip with some really good surge protection. And I've seen power strips with replacable fuse. But I couldn't find them.

Also I boought som extension coords that I should have bougt years ago.

I also bought an residual current device. It is really for outdoor use. And it has no real function unless my power outlets are grounded, and they are not grounded.
I don't really intend to use it, but I am quite curious to take it apart and look what is inside and how it works. I don't know much about that stuff. It was cheap and probably of very low quality.

Maybe I am going way too far with my ESD mat installation. I asked at work, and they said that I shouldn't worry at all. Just having my desktop esd mat connected to the floating ground in the power strip is good enough, the mat would have the same potential as the chassis and other stuff connected to the power strip.

However some people online told me it is dangerous with non-grounded wall ouleys, since the chassis of some equipment might become live and... then, I don't know. *zap* ???

And also hold your fingers away from any radiator. Since they don't seem to be connected to mains earth, but most probably connected to ground. If there even is such a thing as a mains earth wiring in this old house, and not a sight of any RCD in this house. Lets say could the floating ground in my powerstrip go up to 20kV and the radiator connected to ground it would be not so good? All of this information surrounding grounding, earth, ESD is in a state of mess and I most probably have not understood well enough what people try to explain for me so I don't understand it well enough to mess around with it. But I would like to get things in good order and a better understanding, I want to understand it. Otherwise it is going to bug me for some time.

I am quite confused on this... There is however no risk I can get in contact with any radiator from my workbench. And maybe as I said, I am going a little bit too far surrounding my ESD mat, so that it is not about ESD anymore really.

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