Tuesday, 18 August 2015

ESD mat installation

Now I have it confirmed. My ESD mat installation is good as it is. And if I wanted to, I can hook up ground on the radiator.

I don't really need grounded wall outlets to make it better. I don't really need to hook up ground to my radiator either. ESD protection works the way it is intended by just having the same common ground on all equipment and the esd mat and the wrist band. There is ofcourse a 1MOhm resistor to the mat and the wristband to protect me.

But I cant help to have this feeling that I can do it much better. I hate having this feeling that it is not complete. It is not safe enough. But I am probably just paranoid over nothing.

At work we have these larger powerstrips. I would like to have that too. And from what I can remember, those powerstrips have a replacable fuse. But I'm not 100% sure. Just have this image in my memory that there is.

The only problem that needs to be fixed ASAP is at this moment my soldering iron is not connected to the same ground. Because it is in another powerstrip in another outlet. That is not good. But can be easily fixed by just connecting the two grounds together.

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