Friday, 21 August 2015

It is 1000 degrees here now

And I am eating ice cream.

I am not really feeling very well either, I mean I am not so happy. I am almost angry.

Everyone is talking about am Attack on Titan bla bla... but isn't that on Netflix?

I was so certain I saw it on Netflix. But now I cannot find it. And I don't know where I have seen it either.

It was not on crunchyroll, which by the way seem to have stopped working.

I only see a black screen.

The only thing my friend can say is "It's only on netflix in america" *duuuuh* and then no more conversation.

But I have not dreamt that I saw Attack on Titan on netflix..So they must have shown Titans temporarily. And I put it in my watch later list. And now it is gone. *sigh*

Well, thank you world that we have The Piratebay. What would we do without you. I would probably go insane in madness over how stupid things are. I pay for Netflix and Crunchyroll etc etc. But they will not give us the shows that EVERYONE is talking about right now.

I tried watching Orange is the new black. But I got bored of that. Got bored of Prison Break also.
But that Stephen King, Under the Dome or what is it called? I liked that. But where is the second season?
It's on if I wanted to... but I am a nice boy and wait til you get it. (Or actually I don't care that much).

And also. The charger for my phone just died. So I must find my original charger soon. Batteries are draining quite fast. *sigh* I NEED a working charger.

I pay for netflix and crunchyroll. I actually give them money. But they still can't give me what piratebay can. At the moment I am only seeing a black screen on crunchyroll on my Wii U. And my premium has not run out.
And I cannot see the series that my friends is watching because you didn't make it available in my country.

So, what do you think I will do? Wait a year til you go through all your paperwork and legal battles and shit to get it available. At that point I've given you enough money to buy the whole series on blu-ray (if it is available). No. Ofcourse not.
I'll get it on Piratebay. What do you think.

I need more anxiety pills. Cause I am so angry now. I notice my charger cable is going hot. So it is definetly broken. But looking for that original charger will take all night. And I don't want that. I want to relax and watch something good and have a social nice talk about what I see... but no. So I am going to take more anxiety pills til I calm down.

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