Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The space game idea

I have for a very long time, many years, wanted to do a game that takes place on a spaceship floating around in space.

And this spaceship would have a programmable computer as well as a radiotransmitter and reciever. Maybe some programmable droids.

Then Markus "Notch" Persson (creator of Minecraft) came with a very similar idea to mine. Though his game world was more developed, he is also a much better programmer. He called it 0x10c or Zero to the speed of light or something like that. Sadly the hype around this game grew so much that Notch didn't want to work on it any more. I can understand him, that must be a lot of a pressure to have all those people expecting you to do something.

And so many people had already made tools for programming the DCPU within the game that there wasn't much else to do on that I guess.
He often said that he didn't know what the game was about. Or how he could make it fun.

I haven't really seen anyone else doing a decent playable game based on 0x10c either. Even if the fans said with so much confidence, that they were going to do it themselves.

I kind of have the same problem. I want to make a game. I know the setting, it takes place in space, you are on a ship. The computer can be programmable. The radio-transmitter can send signals, and you can listen to signals.

So far, that sounds like fun to me.

But what are you supposed to do really. I don't know.

The game that I want to do reminds me a little of that movie Silent Running. Or it is very inspired by that movie you could say.

You would have a garden to take care of. Basically a survival game in space.
It would be fun if the computer could be hooked up to the radio. So that you would be able to communicate with others, even if they are too far away. Actually, you wouldn't really be able to know exactly where they are. But maybe able to figure out where they are.

You would be stuck circulating around a star. Because you need light for your garden and solar-panels to charge the batteries that gives you electricity.
So if you wanted to travel, you would have to take a risk. Going away from the sun/star and your garden would slowly die. It would get cold and dark. Your batteries would slowly drain. Until you can charge them again from another star.

The more I think about it the more ideas I get. So it becomes almost impossible to program.

And I am not really that good at game programming. If I did it, it would be in OpenGL. I would also need to have decent graphics. And I am not really good at doing that either.

I've tried doing some 3d graphics in Blender. But it doesn't look very impressive.
The project is just too big. I can pretty much forget to make something that others like. My idea was just to make a game that I wanted to play, and having fun while doing that. But it is just too big to ever get anything that is playable.
So far I've done the objParser program to export models that I've designed in Blender to c-code.

Then, I am not sure if I should use C. But rather C++. And I have not programmed much in C++. I downloaded the free C++ book on google play, it is really good!

I could just start doing something,  but it will end with some messy code that is impossible to continue to work on. And that is would be better to start from scratch.

I don't know. But it is fun to think about it sometimes. And come up with new ideas.

Someone else who is much better at programming than me would do it much faster. I've seen Notch work on smaller games on Twitch. And he is so fast! He does things in minutes, that would take md hours to complete. Either because I want it to be perfect, or because I want to take long breaks :)

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