Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Mini breakfast and anime

I watched the old Appleseed movie yesterday. I watched the english dub with swedish subtitles. It was crazy translated. For example in english they could say "Why are you in such a hurry?" and the swedish subtitle (translated) said "Why are you so well dressed up?"
Sometimes when there was dialog, it was not translated to subtitiles and sometimes the swedish subtitles was in english. heh :)

Anyway, this morning I'm watching a newer Appleseed movie. This looks better. I think it is computer animated, it looks  good. I like old 80's/90's anime too, it is kind of nostalgic.

But it is so difficult for me to concentrate now. I cant keep me awake. I keep having these microsleeps. Maybe I should take a walk later. It wasn't a good time to watch anime.

If I sit up and write, it seems like I don't fall asleep.

I also got a little motivation doing som simple FM transmitter maybe. Something thaf I have never done.

I think I missed the entire anime, I coulnd't concentrate and I fell asleep.

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