Thursday, 13 August 2015

Neato XV Signature Pro - House Cleaning Paused

I noticed today that the robot stops at exactly the same place everytime it says "House cleaning - paused". Strange.

But I have never had the patience to wait and see if it starts automatically again. If it is for overheating problems or battery problems. I made a power cycle on it,  moved it back to the station. Then it said the batteries was too low. Is it a battery calibration error again?

I must know. I can't just leave it. I have to know what ia wrong. Or if there is nothing wrong. It is so important for me that I can't sleep at night if I don't fix it.

I will have to simulate the error again. And actually wait it out next time. And not loose my patience. I know that my old one stopped once and then started again for no particular reason.

What is the point of having an automatic vacuum cleaner if I cannot leave it alone at home alone. If it needs constant babysitting.

The first one I had ran fine up until now. So therefore I suspect overheating could be an issue in this new one. It is quite warm now in the summer.

It stopped once this second cleaning cycle. It found ita way back to the charger correctly. Something I didn't think about before is the radiator.

The radiators does not seem to be connected to mains ground. While, there is no mains ground in any of the outlets except the ones near the sink in the kitchen. The radiator piping is most probably connected down into earth. And from my understanding this is a good way to get a zero potential ground... But really, I have not much understanding about earth and grounding and RCDs... in my tiny electronics projects, ground can be anywhere you define it to be.

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