Thursday, 13 August 2015

Marley's mellow mood

Now I'll try and relax with this strange random drink I bought.

My brother is going through the rules of the Battlestar Galactica game. So we might get to play that sometime also. Now I don't really feel like playing. But maybe I can force myself.

It still hurts in my tounge from grinding on the teeth. I hate that. I can't eat my apricot seeds. Because it just hurts. The tumour is taking up more and more space in my mouth so there's smaller room available for my tounge. And I have no painkiller for that. I used to have some sedative for the mouth. Maybe I can ask the doctor tommorrow about that.

I also have more it difficult to swallow liquids..because of the tumour growing back down my throat. Probably the left side of my throat doesn't work the way it should so sometimes when I drink I suck it into my lungs or something like that and just cough everything out. But I'll have to live with it and get used to it. It frightens me mostly that I notice differences from day to day.

I can't let things go. My ESD mat installation and the grounding installation in this house is so bad. And I just want a simple answer. Is my ESD mat installation good? Does it works as intented? Or it is completly dangerous as some people say.

Other people say, don't worry, you have a common ground for all your equipment. It is the way it should be.

While others say I need a good connection to earth ground, and my radiators should also be earth grounded. Otherwise it is useless.

My ground in my power strip is floating. It is no better than the wireless esd wriststrap. But there is no way I can install proper grounding in this whole house. I need to tear down walls and rewire the entire electrical system... would there be something that I can do locally near my workbench that would make it a safer and better place.

Some people say. The chassis if some equipment could get live and cause damage.. well how... if I was measuring with my ground pin to a live wire? Hmm...

I can't let the problems with my Neato just go. I have to investigate,  try over and over and over until I finally know what is wrong with it. I NEED to be alone when doing this. Because everything else just disturbs me. My guests want to play games.. I want to play games with them too. But it is so difficult when things doesn't work as intented. It will keep bugging my mind until I got a clear logical answer. Then I can leave it behind.

Maybe I'll need to build another robot, a babysitter robot for my Neato that pushed the resume button all the time.

...ew,  the marley drink was red and had a little smokey taste to it. But very very sweet. But it was drinkable. Maybe a taste of raspberry or something. Nah, not too bad. Just a little bit too sweet for my taste.

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