Sunday, 23 August 2015

No cellphone

How strange it is living just one day without my cellphone. Reminds me on how addicted I really am to it.

Still have not found my original charger. But I have not looked very well either.

I have been so tired today, probably because I slept so bad last night.
I think I did fall asleep a little bit during the day. But I am still tired.

Everytime I sit infront on the computer I fall asleep much more easily. Than for example, if I lay down in my bed or sofa. That is strange, maybe it is something about using the brain a little bit more when I use the computer. I read and/or write or do something. So my brain is more active and does a little bit of work, so it makes it sleepy.

If I just lie down, I don't really do anything. So it is more difficult.

I've been watching Notch on, he is very social and he responds to my messages sometimes. I wrote to him that I had a game idea similar to his idea before I heard about 0x10c. And then wrote that I always loose motivation in the middle of a  project. Well, his response was kind of predictable, I guess just keep working anyway even if you don't have the same kind of motivation you started with. And I know this works well, that is what I learnt from my jobs also. You loose motivation to keep doing anything at all, but I have to finish it sometime.

When you see the game starting to get in a playable shape, it is a little bit more fun to keep programming.. or you can loose motivation at this state in the game developemnt too.
You just have to keep working anyway, I know this,

Look at this  ugly bug in my objParser program.
It cannot handle all types of polygons,
It was so long ago I actually did something in objParser. And still, that program is just a tiny tiny tool that I needed for my game.

I don't know how many times I've fallen asleep while writing this, 10 maybe, or 20. Maybe 30...

I feel like playing a little Rocksmith, and or Akiba's Trip. Or maybe Eternal Sonata.

I wish I had some good friends so we could help each oher to keep motivation up and the project keep moving. But maybe that won't work with me, I'm not very social,

And I see so bad. I reallt really need new glasses. That is so boring right now ;/
Usually I liked trying different styles of glasses that was new, but now I am more ugly than usual. so a pair of glasses wont make any diffence anyway.
I  should keep the ones I have now and just buy new lenses.
Sometimes I can't see my mouse pointer.

Oh, this tiredness I have is madness...

I can't remember if it was today I made pancakes or if that was yesterday?

Anyway, I need to make more food, so pea-soup maybe then. But now I'll take a risifrutti. And oh, a cup of coffee. But I don't think it will wake me up. I really need better sleep.

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