Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I do not feel well, and what a mess

Yesterday night... or when was it? I have forgotten. Typical.
Anyway, I had so much pain in my knees. I slept almost the entire day yesterday.
I was afraid that I couldn't sleep during night because of that, but I slept quite well.

Still haven't fixed more bugspray for the flies. And NO I don't have so many flies because I have so much mess etc.  It is because I live at a farm. The house is surounded by cows, and flies. And sometimed 1 or 2 or 500 flies comed into my apsrtment.

There hasn't been much flies this year. They just woke up a week ago or something.

My father comes today, and I  am just afraid he is going to take my candy and say something like "but you're not eating this anyway". Yes ofcourse I do, but I dont scoop it up like an excavator.

Hmm, anyway I hope my sister comes to visit again. I really liked that. Hope we can play some game together, my favorite of all time China Town. My father hasn't played it yet. Hope she can teach me aone guitar.
I was a little bit dissapointed that my brother said that China Town was a little boring and that all you do is count.

Nah, I don't agree. It's the trading part that is the most fun. When I played with brother and mother I think we were a little bir roo nkxe ri eaxh orhee. Ans  nt neķfjer skrd......... yeah you see what hapens whem you fall asleep and keep writing anyway.

What I was going to say, that we were a little bit too nice to each other when playing.
When I played with my friends, the trading just went totally crazy. And that was fun.

But now, I keep falling asleep again. I don't even notice. Which is weird...

And now I remember! I was going to watch this anime Requiem from The Darkness. Started watching it. But as it always is with me, when I start watching something I also feel like writing in the blog or I get so tired that I dont even notice that I go to sleep.. Like I did just now. Heh. I'll have it on in the background anyway.


  1. Hej! Jag har hittat din blogg och jag önskar så att det jag läser inte är sant. Men vet ju att det är det.....Livet är så förbaskat orättvist! Det är en stark berättelse du har och jag följer den med smärta. Hoppas du inte misstycker att jag läser. Det är mycket känslor som finns. Jag vet vem du är, men du har säkert ingen aning om vem jag är. Jag känner din mamma och pappa sen många år. Har faktiskt också kort på dej från deras bröllop.=). Vilket är en himla massa år sen!=) Kram från Miriam i Uddevalla

    1. Hej, jag minns någon bekant till mamma å pappa som heter Miriam. Men jag kan inte komma ihåg ett utseende sådär direkt :) Vi kanske inte träffats så många år. Jag minns en förskolefröken som hette Miriam som var bekant med mamma minns jag också att hon sa, det kanske inte var du. Men iallafall tycker jag det är kul att du följer min blog, trots att jag skriver om mycker deppiga saker ibland.