Monday, 10 August 2015

New light switches installed

Finally I got rid of those old disco/epilepsy dimmer lights. And also removed my (probably) dangerous switch I soldered together from an old soldering station. I do miss the fuse though :P

I found that they had light switches with remote control and other fun stuff at the store. But *meh*, do I really need it. I rarely light the lamp in the ceiling. I like having floor lamps.

First I didn't really know how to assemble the switch. So I disassembeled the whole thing, and all the small parts and screws just fell out *sigh*. But I managed to get it back together in the right order again.
Now it works.

It irritates me a little that one of the swithes doesn't really seem to fit very well. But it is tightly screwed on, so I don't think it is of any real danger.

One new lightswitch
Ceiling lamp, now without disco light
This one did not fit very well. I don't know what I can do about it. The wires was just too short.
And this was my old ugly non-permanent installation I did, just to get rid of the dimmer for a while. I got the power switch from an old broken soldering station from Velleman I think. Crappy Velleman stuff, but the switch is good. It also has a light that can be used on the third pin.

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