Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Strange night sleep

So, I got all the medecine I need yesterday. I was not really in a good condition to drive. I was too tired.
I went to Mediamarkt to look for a new SD Cardreader and a usb cable for my cellphone. But it was closed, I was there around 20:45 

I feel I can fall asleep any moment now,

Anyway, I made breakfast. This morning.

**but I fell asleep while writing**

Feels like I must have slept for about 30-45minutes. My tea is cold. But the sandwishes was still soft and taste good.

When I woke up tonight, I had a really bad pain in my knees. I couldn't understand why my knees hurt.

**fell asleep again**

Anyway, I took some painkillers for the knees, OxyNorm and Alvedon, and I think that worked. But it took some time.

But I woke up often this night anyway, the only difference from the other night is that I got Temesta and sleeping pills again. So if I wake up I take Temesta and fall asleep get really tired.
The few times I did wake up this night, I was so tired and dizzy I really had no problem going back to sleep. Unless I felt afraid or was anxious for some reason.

I have only eaten one of the sandwishes so far. This blogpost takes forever to write when I keep falling asleep like this all the time. I cannot concentrate on one thing, if I get tired and foggy in my mind.

My Neato stopped again with the message "Paused", So I just started it again by pressing resume. But it shouldn't be like that. It stopped again close to the place it always stops at....

** fell asleep again **

I think I need to eat my breakfast now. It is boring and it takes hours to write a short bloogpost like this if I am going to keep falling asleep. I even forgot what I originally wanted to write about.

I had something on my mind, but it is long gone,

Another thing I noticed this morning was that my feet are very swollen. I should keep them high the nurse said. So I will do that, and watch an anime. Cobra.
But I'll bet I can't see the whole thing, I will fall asleep.

And I got millions of flies in my apartment now, just when I am out of Raid.

My dad called and said he was coming to me today, I had no idea about that. Apperently we hade talked about him coming to me on tuesday he said.

......I can't stay awake for another second...

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