Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Morning medecine all in one and Neato works!?

All the medecine that can be dissolved in water. I take it like this. It's more efficient. Doesn't look very good to drink. But I take it through my feedingtube, so it is ok :)

Anyway, I slept badly tonght. My Neato did't wake me up as usual at 07:00. And it actually was back in the charger with the message that it will resume cleaning when charged. I'm quite surprised. It didn't get stuck anywhere, or didn't stop after 50minutes like it usually does. Goood!
There is a small black shiny surface where it usually stops. I put some White paper infront if it. If that was the cause of it getting confused. Why did't my old one get like that. Should't they all have the same hardware/software..

Ugh. I hate it in the morning when I can't really control my eyelids and just go into atomatic random short sleep periods. Yesterday when I was outside a little. I felt better and more alert. Maybe I should go out. Need to ask at work where that bought those large powerstrips also...

I'm mostly happy that my robotic vacuum cleaner worked as intented today.

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