Sunday, 16 August 2015

Being up late

I usually go to sleep by now.
But I got stuck doing things on my computer.
Doing deep dreaming on random pictures. It is so fascinating, I can't stop.
And playing Fahrenheit for example :P

I bought it a long time ago for Playstation 2, but never played it much. But it was cheap on Steam a while ago or maybe I got it from an Humble Bundle. I don't remember.

One of the reasons I bought it was because I read that Angelo Badalamenti made the music for that game. The musician who works with David Lynch often. He is famous for making the music in Twin Peaks and other David Lynch movies.

I didn't play it for long now either. I got as far as I did on PS2 really. But this time I found that I liked the game much more than I did on PS2. I think I stopped playing because I didn't really like the controls on the Playstation version.

I like to stream on Twitch when I play games on PC. But it has either stopped working in Linux. Or it is my ultra bad upload speed that makes it impossible. Twitch might shut down streamers with too bad upload. I only get 0.5mbit upload. And I don't really know why. From what I can remember, I am supposed to have 12mbit upload or something like that.

I also started my PSP for the first time, probably in years. I have some RPG's that I never played. There was a firmware upgrade... ofcourse :)

Another thing that I wanted to say was that for some reason Steam stopped working properly some days ago. Last week or when it was. I could not install games any more. And I don't know why, and I don't remember the error message. But I was unable to create install locations. The problem fixed itself when I did a

apt-get dist-upgrade

Fixed. Don't know why. But I guess that it was the kernel update that fixed it. Because I don't remember that it installed much else other than that new kernel version.

I deleted my .local/ folder with all my games and reinstalled Steam from scratch. So I was afraid that all my save files was lost. But they were not. Probably because most games seem to create their own hidden directory under in my home path, or they are saved in the steam cloud? I don't know. Except for Legend of Grimrock. And I think I've played over 20 hours on that game, so that was a little bit sad.
But I did get stuck in that game and didn't get any further so I don't know if I will keep playing it anyway.

It was a good thing I cleaned my Steam directory with all the games, because I did not have much disk space left.

I need to go to sleep soon. But I don't get tired, I don't know why really. But I will get tired soon because I ate my medicine. So, soon I will go into auto-sleep mode. I can also take a sleeping pill, but I think it is too late for that. But I think I need to take one of those Temesta pills that I have for sleeping.

But I constantly find things I need to do on my computer... for some reason Wine is not installed anymore, why? I don't know. *sigh*
And I installed wine again which cleared my menu of installed software. *Gah*
Well, the software is not removed. Just the links.

I will not forget to use my Prontoral now, hopefully it will help me with my blisters in my mouth. Everything hurts to eat now.

And I hope that my Neato vacuum cleaner will work as it should tomorrow. Starting at 07:00.

Well, goodnight.

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