Friday, 21 August 2015

Playstation 4 vs. Wiii U and Pokémon

I was just looking around on games online, and I was really close to buying a Playstation 4. The Metal Gear Solid 5 bundle with the red and black PS4.

I hate when they write "limited", "limited", "limited" everywhere. Ah, just stop it. I just liked the colors better than a completly black one. Otherwise I think I would buy a white one.

Anyway, I didn't really want a PS4 so badly. There are no games for it that interests me. Only a very few games, MGS5, upcoming FF7 remake... And maybe something more. I like that they make alot of JRPG's for Playstation.

But what happened, I coulnd't pay using invoice/bill, for some reason. I had one unpaid bill on Klarna, that is set on my internet bank to be payed at the 27:th. And I have lots of preordered games on Webhallen using bills for payment.
Games that doesn't even have a release date yet.
I don't know why I did that really. But it happens that games get sold out the first day that they are released.

Anyway I did actually feel a little bit of relief that I was not able to buy the PS4 now. A friend who has been buggering me to get a PS4 for some time, because it is "cheapear than a Wii U" bla bla bla "Look at how much you get for the money compared to Wii U" bla bla bla... "You get this poowerful hardware you get a bluray player, you get a harddrive, you get this and that...." yada yada, bla bla. I don't agree for one second that I get more for the money compared to a Wii U.

Because I have got 13 good games for the Wii U. And looking at the library of what games are avaiable for the PS4 at this moment. The only two ones that I can consider playing is Bloodborne, Omega Quintet (looks interesting), otherwise nothing else interests me. So there are 2 games that I might consider playing for the PS4. And 13 games that I've played and actually enjoyed very very much for the Wii U. So I think Wii U is the winner so far

(Ofcourse, there is Rocksmith for PS4 also)

And then I don't own Toad Treasure Tracker or Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze yet. (Btw, Jungle Beat is probably my favorite Donkey Kong game of all time).

Yet, these people want to argue that "Wii U sold bad, it had bad marketing, people thought it was an accessory for the Wii" etc etc... Yeah, yeah, yeah, So what? What does that matter NOW? Look at what we have now, a good console with plenty of good games.

Then my other friend told me "No, don't buy a PS4, it doesn't have any games". That felt good to hear! because it is excactly the way I feel too. I think I just wanted to buy something, a toy... Because I feel sad, lonley, depressed, etc etc... So thank you Klarna very much for denying me to pay by bill :)


When I was looking around on Webhallen (Swedish onlinestore for electronics/games) I noticed something called Pokémon White Version 2. It is probably an old game since it was for NDS. I never remember there was a Version 1?
Seriously, how many Pokémon games are there now?

I have so far only played the first game, Pokémon Blue for the original Game Boy. I had a friend who had the red version and we used the link cable once to exchange pokemons. I think I beat Pokemon Blue, I don't remember. But I do remember being somewhere close to the end battle.
I used GameFaqs a little for help sometimes.

After that I remember that there was a yellow Pokemón game being released. And then I can recall deep down in memory that there was even a Green one? But I never was very interested in getting them, because it was just the same game again with a few new pokemons?

After that I've lost track on how many Pokemón games ther has been released.

I tried giving Pokémon a chance again when Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver was released for DS. I was sick in cancer that year too, in 2010. But I was cured from this cancer, that is another long story.

Anyway, I remember reading that Gold/Silver games was remakes of the Pokémon games that was considered to be the best in the series. And I don't know which ones those where. I bought the Gold version. I got some step counter thingy with it, that was fun. But I lost it, I think I must have put it in a bathrobe belonging to the hospital I was staying in at that time.

But it was the same thing again, same boring Pokémon game I've already played once, Well, it wasn't boring when I played it first time. I loved it. So I never beat Pokemon Gold...

The childish consumer in me later bought the Silver version just because I wanted that step counter again, and also a Pokemon X & Y bundle. That I haven't played much,

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