Friday, 21 August 2015

Took a short walk to the store

And I bought a little more than I expected.

I wanted ro do some simple food. Remwmber that I have french fries at home in the fridge. So I bought sausages and bread, to make hot dogs. And I can make frenchfries with that.. perfect.

Than I saw 'blodpudding', which I think is called black pudding in english. Or maybe just blood pudding. I don't know. I like that anyway.

Needed to refill with some risifrutti. And ofcourse ice cream. And I will keep eating ice cream for as long as I  can eat. Because I assume that there will be a day when I cant eat anymore. The tumour grows all the time.

Anyway I didn't plan to buy that much. But that is usually how it is. And the walk back was exhausting. It is so hot outside now. I think I need to drink some extra water. And it felt good to sit and relax infront of the fan that my mother bought. Now I am hungry.

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