Thursday, 20 August 2015

Good night sleep

I took one pill for sleeping yesterday. It didn't work. I was just laying there and waiting. I wasn't tired anymore.

Sometimes it feels like I can go to sleep without medication. I get so tired after my medicine thay I take regularly. But once I am in bed. It is so difficult.

I am allowed to take oxascand or temesta when I can't sleep. Temesta has worked best. But even that is sometimes not enough. This time I decided to take 3 pills of Temesta.  And it really worked. I slept perfectly. Waking up in the morning feeling rested! Not this dragged out sleepiness that I've had for the rest of of the day, before.

And look, I can even write correctly (except for a few spelling mistakes). Not like in my older blog posts where I go into slumber while writing. Though it seems perfect for me, apparently I had slumbered in and kept writing nonsense while half-sleeping.

Now I am going to bring some food for my automatic tube feeder and try to watch this movie, Gisaku. Not a "real anime". Looks more European to me. But it can be good anyway.

I'll watch for a while then I'll need real breakfast. Not just this boring tube food.

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