Monday, 24 August 2015

Neato, found stuff and more medicine

I finally found my SD Cardreader. It had just fell down and was hidden under a cable. I spent so much time looking for it.

I think I wrote about my Neato vacuum cleaner in my last post...I don't remember, anyway, this time I didn't do anything when it stopped. I just left it where it was until it's battery was drained. Now I'm gonna charge it overnight and see if it performs

Now I am watching the anime of "Two Years' Vacation", I think the anime is called "Adrift in the Pacific", but I can't find it on imdb. I'm watching a Swedish translation "Två års ferier". I kind of like old 80's anime. It is a little nostalgic, I want more.
But yes, I fell asleep during this movie too. But it was a very easy movie to follow. It kind remined me a little of Lord of the Flies.                                                                                                            
But now I have problems keeping my eyes open soon sleep,

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