Sunday, 16 August 2015

Goodmorning and also goodmorning to my little assistant

I just recently woke up. I think I took something for anxiety and pain at 5 maybe. Then I started a bag of tube feeding. That is finished now.

But I am still tired, probably becauase of the anxiety and painkillers I took. I keep falling asleep completly unnoticed. My eyelilds just fall down and It is like I keep thinking what I was thinking, following that line of thought and then all of a sudden I find out that I am sleeping and abruptly wake. I can hold my Phone like this and keep writing. And then keep dreaming that I am writing,  then suddenly drop the phone on my face and then wake up.

At this very second I do feel alot of  motivation and happines. I hope it will stay with me during the day.

***And oh, I just got one of these minisleeps I was writing about above. Something about pokemons***

And yeah, my beloved house keeper. The Neato. It started like it should this morning. This time I filmed it.

I was pressing the OKAY button repeatedly, doesn't work. It works sometimes just press OKAY when it is stuck with the message "clear my path". It will continue like normal.

But if I move it a millimeter or so it starts again, even with out pressing the button. Just give it a tiny tiny push.

I needed to add those mats over the doorsteps/thresholds. Othewise it can't get over at all.

Those mats was NEVER a problem with my first Neato. Infact it fixed the problem, my first Neato was always getting stuck on the doorsteps. After the mats was put there it just went over easily.

It makes it so that both wheels get a good grip when climbing over the doorstep no matter what direction it is going in.

I have  been thinking though that it might lead to the room scanning going crazy. Because it somtimes scans the room while being tilted. But the engineers should have thought of that. Putting in an ADXL circuit that detects what direction is down is easy, so that it can sense that it is tilted.. even I have done that..

I'm blogging on my phone, and I keep dropping the phone and falling into short sleeps. I need some Coffee .

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