Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Neato pauses cleaning after 50 minutes

So today I was going to see if my Neato vacuum cleaner really was pausing at the same spot and after exactly the same time.

It's true. Today it stopped very close to the same spot it stopped on yesterday. After 50minutes of cleaning. Yesterday it was 47minutes.

"House cleaning - paused"

Think I am going to try it a few more days. I don't really have the energy to go back with it to the store.

I need to go to the dentist today. So I could do both. But... no. I don't have the energy, I don't have that social willingness in me today. Can't explain it. But I feel like just being at home today. But I have to go to the dentist. Also buy more Risifrutti.

But I'm thinking. Maybe I should leave in my Neato. It would feel good maybe to just let that problem go from my mind.

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