Monday, 24 August 2015

This morning and the Neato

I slept quite nice tonight. I felt really bad yesterday for not getting proper sleep.

This time I used oxascand, and it worked. I also had one sleeping pill.

I woke up once during night, but that was no problem.

I remember yesterday that I was feeling dizzy and I was feeling against my left ear. It was constantly itching in the ear. And the tumour is growing just infront of it. Also feeling down where I think my carotid artery, I have a large chunk of tumour. And it is worrying me.
I took  4 x 15mg oxascand. And I finally could sleep, and finally wake up in the morning to the sound of my neato.

It has stopped several times "please clear my path", but it is just being stupid. I filmed it when it was doing that. It could have just turned a few centimeters in the other direction, and it would have gotten out, It was cleaning near my tv-table.

Now I am tired, but I will go up and make some breakfast,

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