Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reading other osteosarcoma blogs

I have been googling around amd found so many blogs from people that want to write about their cancer.

Must be some anti-deppreassants or other medication that I take. I am not usually this much social. In a normal situation it feels mostly awkward to taĺk abou myself. Or to talk to people at all, smalltalk etc..

It makes me scared to read the end post on ny of these blogs, like

"Sadly X passed away at xx:xx ON Sunday, her family was with her/him and he/she slept in calmly"

*sigh* that scares me from reading any other blogs on osteosarcoma. Sleeping in calmly is something I wish for though.

But I need to stay here and nowband not think so much about the future. Here and now I got anxiety pills. I took two. One of them broke into powder. I tried taking it anyway but I also took a new one. These temesta is only on 1g. So they seem much more effective than my 15mg oxascand. I will probably go back to sleep now.

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