Friday, 28 August 2015

Japan postcards are lost and then found

Two of four nice postcards I wrote about here are lost.
I found one in a drawer, and the other one is framed and stands on the window sill here next to my computer. But I can't remember where the other two are.

And I cannot understand why I have separated them and put them in different places, one in a drawer and the other two somewhere else. That does not make sense to me. In that case, something must be wrong. That makes me very nervous.

I have problems with some stuff now, like keeping track of time. For example being asked "when did did you first feel this pain?" or "how long have this been going on?", questions doctors usually asks... It's almost like I have no comprehension of time. At-least I cannot always remember such things. Sometimes I can. And maybe the medication makes it worse. I don't know.

I got really sad that I cannot remember where I put the postcards. Since I wanted to put frames on them, I wanted to keep them. And then things starts spinning in my head like, "Maybe I had them in my hands and accidentely threw them out with the garbage"

It's not the first thing I've lost. My tweezers that I use for my tiny electronics components, tiny 0302 capacitors, they are really tiny.

Very tiny, I need some very sharp tweezers to pick them up.

I thought I wrote about my lost tweezers in the blog also. But I couldn't find that post either :| Can't find a blog post that I remember I had written, hehe, yeah that too. Or maybe I never wrote in my blog that I lost my tweezers.

I used the search functionality and searched "pincette" and there was no blog post with that word. And then I thought, I have always written "pincette" in english. Then I looked in a dictionary, and there is no English word "pincette". It's called tweezers ofcourse... Is it "ofcourse" or "of course"?
My firefox spelling feature tells me that it is "of course". Firefox also tells me that pincette is a pipette.

So, tweezers is like the word scissors. It's like they are two.

-"I need a tweezer" seems to be wrong according to auto-spelling.
-"I need a tweezers" sounds very wrong in my ears.
-"I need a pair of tweezers" it is then?
I bought 4 new pincettes, I mean tweezers. A little bit upset about this, because a couple of weeks earlier they sold them for 1/5th of the price.
I was looking after my tweezers so much that I had lost my motivation to do any electronics stuff at all since then. Maybe a week or two later I found my old tweezers. I had put it in a very strange place in my small supply room. Mostly filled with boxes with old games and oh *sigh*, so much stuff. The pincette, I mean tweezers was lying on top of a VHS player.

I have a special place for my tweezers, it's where they ALWAYS should be when I don't use them.

This very nice Hobgoblin beer jar, pot? The is where I keep
my tweezers and one philips screwdriver, desoldering pump, cutter,
ballograf propelling pencils and pens, and other marker pens for writing
on dvd's and things like that.

If they are not there, they should be somewhere else on my desktop because I am using them for something. If they are not on the desktop, then they are lost.

I probably put my postcard in "a safe place where I cannot lose them", or where I "can easily see them and find them". I have a little plastic box with things that are important to me, where I put things I don't want to lose. The postcards were not in that box.

And I cannot understand why I found just one, when I assume I must have kept all three together. And while writing this post, that must have taken hours to write, I started thinking about making food and this idea popped into my head, and

lo and behold, I had put two of them on my fridge!

Mystery solved.

Now I feel a little bit stupid, looking for them everywhere. But that is how it is sometimes, you're looking for something that is right in front of your eyes.

That made me think of when me and my friend arrived in Tokyo. And I used this really good app that I can recommend to travelling people, MAPS.ME. I had marked out the hotel at the map. And the GPS said that we should be just close to the hotel. "It is right here" I said, and I turned around and around, to see if there was a sign on any of the buildings with the name of the hotel... We looked around for some time, probably looking very confused. It turns out, we were standing just outside of the entrance to the hotel.

I wonder if the people at the counter inside saw us, wondering what we were doing, looking at our phones and walking around in circles just at the entrance

It was very nice being greeted with "Daniel-san" when I came in.
Later some day during our stay I felt I needed to tell them something, and they spoke very poor English, and I was *sigh*-ing a lot during the talk. I was trying to use a translator app on my phone, trying to explain that we were going away to Kyoto for 2 days, but we are keeping the hotel room with most of our stuff, we are still paying for that time we're gone, and we'll be back.
When I said
-"We are going to Kyoto tomorrow"
He replied
-"You are going to Tokyo?"

But we were in Tokyo, in Asakusa. I didn't understand what he meant. And he didn't understand what I meant.

Maybe my friend was right, we didn't need to say anything to them. It would just mess things up instead.

I really hope my translator app didn't translate into something mean or bad :| because it didn't seem to work very well when translating from Japanese to Swedish. And I noticed they stopped calling me "Daniel-san". Hope I wasn't one of those troublesome guests or I had accidentally called them something really mean from my translator app.

But I thought, since we leave the key at the counter every morning we leave the hotel, maybe they'll be worried if we don't come back to the hotel one night. Maybe we should say something. At last they seemed to understand what we meant anyway. But I wasn't "Daniel-san" anymore. Maybe I am overreacting :)

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