Sunday, 9 August 2015

New nvidia Linux drivers

For some reason Ubuntu wants to install old nvidia drivers for my graphics card so that I can't play games in Steam any more. *sigh*, I don't want your old drivers please :/

I need to install them manually. Good thing is that now I know how to do it in an efficient way. use apt-get to remove the installed unnecessary nvidia drivers, then

for example

dkms remove nvidia-340/340.76 --all

Use dkms status to look what is installed first.

reboot the computer. You need to be in console mode now to be able to do something, so shift+alt+f1 to get a console screen.

And just remove the /tmp/.X0-lock file, quick fix.

rm /tmp/.X0-lock

And just run the installation script from nvidia as root, has worked perfectly every time.

Today I went to Nvidia's site and found that their newest version was 352.30. That was quite a large step since last time I updated, I used 346.47 before. Feels good to have new drivers.


I recommend choosing to use DKMS during this installation, because it will automatically recompile the driver when Ubuntu want's to upgrade the Linux kernel. Otherwise you need to do this process everytime Ubuntu upgrades the kernel.

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