Saturday, 22 August 2015

Fika: Found some other stuff and thinking back at my Japan trip.

While I was looking for my phone charger I found some some other stuff that I've forgotten about.

I had bought this coaster from Gundam café in Tokyo. I think I bought it in Odaiba at the Gundam store in Diver City.

It is in rubber so it doesn't glide around, that is good.

Fika with coaster in action. I bought the mug at Manga Museum in Kyoto

Also in Diver City I ate at the coolest sushi place I've been to, Premium Sushi. And I also went to the only maid café in Diver City. My travel friend never wanted to visit a maid café again. So it was the only one I went to, it was quite small. But I put on bunny ears and then they started to sing one of their songs, that was  quite fun :) I regret not buying the album, lol :)

Maybe it meant something that I put on those bunny ears, because a group of young men cheered at me, lol :)

My friend never wanted to go to a maid café again because he thought they they were "too loud". So that was boring, I think the maid café's was quite fun. I wanted to go to one of the bigger and most famous ones in Akihabara.

Another friend told me to stay away from maid cafés because "they're prostitues". Never heard such stupid prejudicement before.

Yeah, OK, maybe he could be right, Maybe he had read somewhere online, that maybe there is a maid café somewhere in some ghetto in the outskirts of Tokyo where the Yakuza roam there is a maid café with prositutes. But that every single maid café, and especially in the middle of Akihabara? I don't think so.

And by the way, I don't want to live my life being afraid of everything. That has always been a problem with my group of friends. EVERYTHING is dangerous.

It was the same when I went to Amsterdam, someone told me "Stay away from red light district"... And my reaction was like, *huh* ?
I think the red light district was the first place I went to the first day I was there, and I didn't even think about it, because families with their children went through Bloedstraat, and that didn't seem like a big problem!?
I was there during daytime though, and there were some half naked ladies in the windows. Yeah, OK, so?
 I have for a long time hated that I have such a ultra boring circle of friends. Absolotely everything is dangerous to do, except for the "leader" who thinks that everything is "misarable" to do. The leader of the group can lead everyone into this "dangerous" situation in a way so they can feel safe. I don't know how he does it, but appearently they trust him more. They can never see me as a leader. This friendship has had the worst influence on me, because sometimes I felt I missed to do so many things I always wanted to do, because I always needed to do them alone. While they never needed to do anything alone.

And I have wanted to end the relationship completly many many times, without success. But they don't really seem to take me very serious when I say so. They just come over and visit whenever they want to anyway, and that is when they got time over for me. I, however is always exoected to have time

I can have fun with them sometimes, but we have such different interests.

I went to the Roger Waters concert in Globen alone, I think that was the first time I decided to do something I wanted to and not expect anyone else to follow. The leader always gets people to follow him to places when he wants to. I can't do that.

But I am so glad that I fought myself out of those handgloves and prison uniform that it felt I had for such a long time that I spent time with them. And went to Amsterdam OHM2013 hacker festival 2013, the coolest thing I ever been to, and I went on my dreamtrip Japan in 2014.
One of my friends did follow me to Japan and followed like a ghost on my trip that I had planned out, I don't think he had any other agenda than to visit Akihabara and look at some arcade machines and accessories, or Akahabra or how the h*ll the pronounced it, always screaming it out everytime he could read it on the subway maps or they said in the speakers. I so often felt embarred around him, I often thought "please please, behave and shut up". He didn't even know what Shibuya was, I had to explain that several times. And I got the feeling that he wasn't really impressed about the place as I was. He didn't have a clue about Tokyo/Japan and it's famous places.

I wanted to eat japaneese food and spend time in traditional japaneese places, however, I didn't want to start any trouble and fights durin the trip so I had to suffer through watching him eat McDonalds over and over. He often asked me "But shouldn't you eat food?"... In my mind I thought "This is not food", out of my my mouth came "I want to eat japaneese food when I am in Japan", in which he would interrupt and/or not listen or not understand.

I refuse to eat McDonalds when I am traveling. I want local food. But that was appeantly "dangerous". I did get to eat at a nice little place in Kyoto once, but I also had to listen to the constant complaints on how difficult it was to sit on the floor. I myself got nosebleed when I sat down, I'm not either used to siting down and eat. But I guess it is something you get used to,

And the Hostel we stayed on in Kyoto didn't impress him much. He slept underneath the futon, on the floor with the matress on top because he tought it was cold. I woke up in the morning because he had set the AC to 50 degrees celsius *sigh*

We woke up very early in the morning and asked if we could leave as early as possible, He never was in such a hurry to get away from anything any other part of the trip. Escpecially not that day when he slept till 12 in our ordinary hotel room. And I was just feeling, f*ck, we are wasting time now, but still didn't really know what to do that day. Most of my plans was done,  except going to Nikko which I wanted to do. But I never got a serious motivation back from him, he never helped motivate to get out and see things. I had to be the driving force, and I never had a problem with that, I don't mean that. It was just some days that I wish he could have helped a little.

I just said, "No, we are going to stay here for a while and have a morning coffee and socialize a little with the people downstairs". Because we only stayed one night at that very nice hostel.

He wasn't in a hurry after visiting the Manga Museum, when we had limited time left to go to the Fushimi Inari before the last train back to Tokyo left, then he wanted an hour long fika for some reason. Whenever he asked what we were going to do next I had to explain, I could say "Fushimi Inari shrine, it is a cool place", and get a response like "Fishamisha what?". And I just got this irritation building up inside of me. At the same time feeling that we don't have time to relax just now, but still shut up about it because I didn't want to start trouble.

I had e-mailed him my entire plan for this trip, I had it written down in a document. All the places we would visit and in what order to get as much as possible, And I just knew that he had not even looked at it at all. Or maybe if he had looked at it a little, he had not studied it in detail. We always talked how we both so badly wanted to go to Japan, I actually thought he had some interest in Japan and different famous places.

Sometimes I wish I went alone anyway. I loved that hostel, (Oh, I don't remember the name of it now but I can look it up later). It was close to Nijo Temple. And the people working there spoke perfect english, and I even think they spoke Mandarin from what I could hear.

When I was in a healtyh state, I always wanted to go to Germany. To Mosel and the beautiful scenery around there. I was there when I was 11 or 12, and always wanted to visit it again. Now I don't really feel like it anymore.

But when I presented the idea, it was "Do they have McDonalds", I don't know. So it was a definitive no. But they do have very nice scenery and very nice places to sit and drink beer and eat good food. Something that is appriciated otherwise. But not when the idea comes from me, only when it comes from the leader.

I shouldn't really complain on my friends. We had some really fun times together. But I am very very different from them. I don't really fit in. I am more positive, they're more negative. And since they have the right to complain about everything, about my games being to complicated or my music being boring or my interests being boring etc etc etc, I don't even remember how much I've heard about me or my ideas being "misarable" and boring.. So I think I got to complain on them as mush as I want to right now.

And I kind of made it sound like I hated my trip to Japan. I didn't, it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. And I am so glad I did it before I got sick. Who would now I would get this sick really.

Sometimes I wonder why I got the impulse to do the Japan trip in 2014, just before I did the biopsy in my cheekbone. Really, the day after I came home from Japan I did that. It could just have been a random impulse that happen to come right in time, but being agnostic, I'm not quite certain about that.

I also found these nice postcards, I had written adresses on all of them but never written anything on them. I never sent them. I'll hang some of them on my fridge I think. Especially the two bottom ones.

Postcards that I never sent.

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